The Playground

A playful workshop for companies where you will discover your very own play personalities and those of your colleagues. By the end of this workshop, you will identify what fuels you and your team and use it to do your best work. 

Custom experiential workshop for your team

Bring your team closer together through a workshop infused with experiencial elements. Team building activities can be much better when designed with purpose and a little creativity. 

Public events

Experience Ceremonica's work and values of self-discovery and human-to-human connection through our public events held in person in Copenhagen. 

Team Building package

This package contains conversation prompts and fun games to help your team learn about themselves and each another, contributing to developing empathy and psychological safety among colleagues, and positively influencing the company culture.

Experience design consulting

Get support in organising a more meaningful, intentional and experiential team building activity for your next team day. Bring your team together in ways where connection is always at the center.

Conversation package for team dinner

Transform your team dinner into a connective experience. This package is a simple add-on to your company dinner that helps colleagues go beyond small talk and see each other with fresh eyes.

Event facilitation

Get an extra hand with facilitating your event or workshop. Make your event a success by adding a facilitator with high quality standards, great attention to detail, and ability to read the room.