Conversation package for team dinner

An add-on to your company dinner to bring your team together through deeper conversations.

The Conversation package works as a simple add-on to your company dinner to get your team to bond, without the need to change your planning.


Team dinners are a wonderful opportunity to get to know our colleagues better in a relaxed and festive environment - be it to celebrate a product launch, for a summer party, or the yearly Julefrokost.

Ideally, some great food and drinks will help us see the people behind the title, with their own interests and flaws. We will laugh and bond over dinner so that we sort out issues with more friendliness and respect when we get back to the office on Monday.

We think of the perfect venue, cocktails, a DJ perhaps. Yet, more often than not, we fail to achieve the human connections that we are looking for. We end up in superficial conversation, pointless games, and too many drinks.

What if company dinners allowed you to connect with your colleagues on a human-to-human level? What if they helped build empathy and psychological safety in your team? What if they encouraged seeing your teammates with fresh eyes?

The Conversation package is designed to transform your team dinner, going from a nice time together to a memorable connective experience. Team get-togethers can go a long way when designed with intention and a little creativity.

The Conversation package includes:

  • A virtual or in-person conversation with you to get to know your team’s needs.
  • A beautifully printed Conversation Menu, customised to your team’s needs.
  • An in-person introduction and guidelines for your evening.
  • A reflection wrap-up exercise at the end of your dinner.

How it works:

We start with short meeting to discuss the current needs of your team in order for me to design a custom Conversation package for you.

At the start of your team dinner, I will introduce this curious new exercise and present a set of guidelines that will set the tone for your evening. Inspiring a connection mindset in your team right from the start will help you make the most out of the dinner experience.

The Conversation Menu will be the core of the experience. The Menu is designed to foster self-discovery and mutual sharing and listening among diners. It includes well-thought questions, designed specifically for the current needs of your team. It is structured to match a standard food menu, so that every dish can go along with a conversational item. 

Finally, the dinner is wrapped up with a reflection exercise. This is a brief pause from the experience to allow participants to feel the impact the new conversations have had on them. The reflection helps everyone make sense of the evening’s impressions and integrate the learnings into their daily working lives, thus enabling long-term positive effects.

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