The Playground

A research-based, playful workshop to help your team discover how to do their best work every day.

The Playground is a play-based workshop where your team discovers their own play personalities and learns how to use them to lead more fulfilling working lives. It is based on Dr. Stuart Brown's research on play.

"The opposite of play is not work - it is depression."

                                                                                                                                   - Brian Sutton-Smith

Play is an essential ingredient of a happy working life. When we play, we become fully immersed in an activity, we lose the sense of time and we forget about ourselves. Play  makes us creative and innovative, it helps us develop social and problem-solving skills.

Every one of us has a distinct play personality - we simply prefer some ways to play over others. Learning to identify what these are and how to use them in our day-to-day work will bring clarity and meaning to our careers. 

When we play, we are focused, we learn, we collaborate, we bond, we feel energised - in short, we shine! What if your daily work made you feel this way? What if you knew exactly which projects or tasks to take on to do your best work?

How it works: 

This workshop uses play as a learning tool to help your team identify their play personalities and how to use them at work. It is an immersive experience where everyone is active and hands-on, as opposed to passively receiving information. We will identify our play personalities, share stories of play and joy, and listen to the stories of others.

By the end of the workshop, you will:

  • know exactly what kind of tasks and projects make you shine.
  • get to know your colleagues better, by seeing them through a new lens.
  • have a renewed sense of your superpowers as a team or company. 
  • have had a memorable and fun experience.

The Playground includes:

  • A virtual or in-person conversation with you to get to know your team’s needs.
  • A 3-hour immersive workshop at your office, customised to your team.
  • Hands-on team exercises and games, away from screens.
  • A beautifully-designed team play personalities poster.

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