Experience design consulting

Transform your gatherings into memorable experiences.

Do you want to create better events, workshops or get-togethers for your team, clients or network? Designing an event is much more than selecting the right venue and preparing a slide deck.

Hire me to help you with making your gatherings engaging, memorable and meaningful.


Experiences are everywhere and happen all the time, whether we are aware of or intentional about them or not. A team gets together to celebrate reaching a sales goal, a new colleague joins the company, we organise a networking event - these are all experiences. Yet, too many of these are left to chance or just superficially thought about.

How powerful would it be to design these experiences with purpose?

Can you imagine being able to deliver memorable and meaningful experiences to your employees or customers?

Well-designed experiences engage participants, hold their attention, evoke emotions, build or strengthen relationships, or help find meaning.

How I can help:

I can guide and support you through the process of designing better experiences, offering frameworks, creative ideas and new perspectives. I specialise in in-person gatherings.

I can assist you with:

  • Figuring out the purpose for your event.
  • A framework for designing all stages of your event.
  • Crafting hands-on, immersive, and engaging touchpoints for participants.
  • Making the experience memorable and meaningful.

Examples of instances that can benefit from using experience design:

  • celebrating a team success
  • onboarding a new team member
  • a team day / getaway
  • a team building event / workshop
  • planning a summer party
  • a client workshop

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    More services

    Conversation package for team dinner

    Transform your team dinner into a connective experience. This package is a simple add-on to your company dinner that helps colleagues go beyond small talk and see each other with fresh eyes.

    The Playground

    A playful workshop for companies where you will discover your very own play personalities and those of your colleagues. By the end of this workshop, you will identify what fuels you and your team and use it to do your best work.

    Custom experiential workshop for your team

    Bring your team closer together through a workshop infused with experiencial elements. Team building activities can be much better when designed with purpose and a little creativity.