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Bringing people together holds immense potential. When we gather, we do it to achieve something we cannot do alone - something meaningful and worthwhile. In these moments, we create life-long memories and share experiences with others that can leave a profound impact.

And yet, more often than not, event planning is approached as a mere checklist: speaker, venue, drinks.

I strongly believe that event planning is not about ticking off boxes; it's about crafting THE EXPERIENCE - designing moments that resonate with your guests and make your events truly unforgettable.

- How do you want your guests to feel before, during and after the event?

- What do you want your guests to say about your event?

- How do you envision your guests to be transformed by the gathering?

Whether you are organizing a networking event, a team meeting, a celebration, team-building day, or even a wedding, I'm here to help!

Bring a plan to get personalised feedback on or let's brainstorm on your ideas together. We can both learn from each other.

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I'm offering a limited number of FREE 1-1 Consulting Sessions in the summer-fall of 2023.

Get expert guidance in designing more meaningful and memorable experiences. Come with any question you may have, or we can review an event design you have created and receive personalized feedback.

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"I highly recommend Monica for any events that you want to make sure will be engaging and unforgettable, or if you yourself want to learn more about the fascinating field of Experience design. She delivered above our expectations."

— Irene Gil Donoso, SensiMate

"Monica's creativity and attention to detail in designing activities tailored to our company's needs made for a truly memorable experience. Also, she is a pleasure to work with."

— Bo Kønshov Hansen, Abtion