I help event planners craft highly impactful events, turning ordinary occasions into extraordinary experiences.


Event Design Consulting

Get support in organising a more meaningful, intentional and experiential events for your participants. Bring people together in ways where connection is always at the center.

Experiences of connection

Ceremonica is all about going beyond the ordinary to create gatherings that make a true impact. I combine the power of Experience Design, an unwavering attention to detail, and the magic of play and storytelling to connect and inspire event participants. Let me be your partner in creating experiences that leave a lasting impression.


Life is the sum of our experiences. And experiences can be designed to add positive memories to our lives and to help us grow as people.

My name is Monica and I am an Experience Design nerd. I see life through the lens of experience and I can help you turn events into meaningful and connective experiences.

Events, workshops or get-togethers can be much more if designed with intention and a little creativity. Connect with me over a free discovery call to find out if we can work together to create some event magic!

Monica Matei - Founder of Ceremonica. Facilitating a team building event outdoors.

"Life is not merely the passing of time. Life is a collection of experiences, their frequency and their intensity."

 - Jim Rohn


"I had the opportunity to collaborate with Monica on a project where her expertise in designing experiences and visitor journeys was absolutely essential.  Her insights and strategies are a game-changer in creating unified experiences that evoke emotions and foster lasting connections. She encouraged us to think creatively and pay attention to the finer details that contribute to a holistic experience, a crucial element in brand-building."

Karolina Perasinova / Station

"Monica's events left a lasting impression on me. It is a fantastic feeling to be able to remember those events are some of the best moments in one's life, and to be able to carry all those positive, wonderful and vibrant feelings for a very long time. Planning something and making it look, sound and feel spontaneous is surely no easy task, but that's exactly the beauty of her designs."

João Pereira

"Monica has a vast knowledge around experience design and event planning. She greatly supported me in building and fine-tuning the workshop I was designing. Her focus on details combined with her abstract thinking made me feel very confident both before and during the facilitation of the event. It's been a pleasure working together."

Simona Mancusi

"Monica has very good knowledge of her field and keeps herself up to date, and on top of that, she has a contagious passion for Experience Design. I highly recommend her for any events that you want to make sure will be engaging and unforgettable, or if you yourself want to learn more about the fascinating field of Experience Design. She delivered above our expectations."

Irene Gil Donoso / SensiMate

The WXO - World Experience Organisation is a global institution dedicated to improving the quality of experiences, enhancing the opportunities for experience creators, and promoting the Experience Economy. 

As a Member of the WXO, Ceremonica stays up to date with the knowledge and latest trends in the exciting field of Experience Design.